Bearhug Trip to Root For Thai Racing Team, Competing at One of the Hottest Track in Germany 🇹🇭

It was such a great opportunity for us to be invited to do an exclusive scoop at Nürburgring, Germany :)))) To tell you the truth, this is definitely a very new experience for us all. Thai team, going there as Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Thailand, has used C-HR race car for this competitor.And since we also get a chance to exclusively stay very close to them, we tried our best to capture all the cool new things during the 24-hour race for you guys in Thailand to enjoy. We've worked very hard on this one and if there's anything wrong at all, we're truly sorry for that.**Tell us your ideas, or recommend places to us here** video has an English subtitle, just click CC. (It’ll be added 3 days after the video has been published.)▲ Subscribe to stay tuned for new videos:▲ FANPAGE :▲ IG : Sunbeary▲ IG : Kan_Atthakorn▲ Line Sticker▲ Sunbeary:▲ KNN kanninich: contact for work:[email protected] Channel is a vlog channel with two main hosts:“San – Sunbeary”, a former accountant who loves eating. She is into traveling as well as adventures. Besides, she also likes to join events and to (be) photograph(ed). Because of her great talent in financial management, she is called ‘the CEO’.“Kan - Atthakorn”, a man with a poker face, known as the most foul-mouthed guy in the world. He loves to work behind the scenes. He is also interested in innovations and keen on updating his knowledge to improve himself.

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